Á la carte

Served Monday–Friday 5:00 pm–10:00 pm and Saturdays 12:00 pm–10:00 pm.
At Wärdshuset, you will enjoy delicious, well-prepared food with no frills.

Our ingredients come from local farms with which we are very familiar, producers who we know take good care of their animals and who take pride in their livelihoods as farmers

We serve beef from Gunnarsbo in Dalstorp; lamb, eggs and vegetables from Vadet in Torskinge; and pork from Grevbäck and Nordskog. Our menus are based on incredible ingredients. They are inspired by our food-and-drink-focused trips to Scotland and France, along with a healthy dose of Småland.


Chanterelle soup flavoured with Chimay and pickled cloudberry cream SEK 138 (L, V)

Butter-fried toast with shrimp and hot-smoked whisky salmon SEK 155 (L, G)
Charcuterie from Småland SEK 168 (L)

Main courses

Shrimp salad with egg and spring vegetables from Vadet farm in Torskinge, and mustard cream SEK 199 *Mini SEK 159 (L, G, E)

Salad of freshly grilled chicken breast from Ventlinge with tarragon-dressed romaine lettuce, wild tomatoes and shaved aquavit cheese from Småland SEK 185 *mini SEK 145 (L, E)

Fresh beer-breaded cod with French fries and pickled spring vegetable cream with parsley SEK 185 *Mini SEK 138 (G, E)

Gratinated chanterelle sandwich with creamed mushrooms, Småland ham and Småland aquavit cheese, topped with crispy fried chanterelles and lettuce SEK 185 (L, G)

Grandpa’s oven pancake with fried salted pork from Hilding in Nordskog and cold stirred lingonberries SEK 145 (L, G, E)

Schnitzel of pork from Hilding in Nordskog with butter-fried chanterelles, thyme and garlic butter, and potato salad SEK 259 (G, E)

Meatballs prepared with meat from Hilding and Gunnarsbo with cream sauce, puréed potatoes and classic sides SEK 238 (L, G, E)

Our planked dishes

Nature’s planked roasted vegetable patty, pickled red onion, asparagus and Béarnaise sauce SEK 229 (L, V, E)

Planked salmon with asparagus, lemon hollandaise and salty pickled dill SEK 299 *mini SEK 240 (L, E)

Planked pork from Grevbäcks Prästgård farm SEK 298 *mini SEK 240 (L, E)

House planked Swedish beef fillet and smoked bacon from Grevbäcks Prästgård farm – our classic SEK 335 (L, E)

Delicious after a meal

Småland cheesecake with lightly whipped cream and homemade jam
SEK 98 (L, G, V, E)

Dark chocolate cake with crunchy oat cookie and malt whisky ice cream SEK 98 (L, V)

Sorbet made with blueberries from Vadet Gård farm SEK 48 (V)

Homemade truffles SEK 45 (L, V)

Irish Coffee (5 cl) SEK 135 (L, V)

L=lactose, G=gluten, V=vegetarian, E=egg
* Mini menu – if you prefer a smaller portion

If you call us before your visit and pre-order your food, we can ensure most of our dishes are suitable for your allergy.