Larger parties
and groups

Menus for larger parties of at least 8 people, where everyone in the party chooses the same menu. Book the menu at least 4 days before the day of your visit.

Menu 1

Smoked whisky salmon on toast with cornichons, Dijon and pickled red onion
Whole roasted pork loin from Ulås with creamy chanterelle sauce and roasted thyme potatoes with rowanberry jelly
Ice cream with cloudberry preserves

SEK 395/person

Menu 2

Herring plate with aged cheese, homemade crisp bread, malt whisky herring and Pernod herring, and baby potatoes
Classic porter steak made with beef from Hamra Håkansgård farm, with quick-pickled cucumbers and buttered carrots
Cheesecake with homemade preserves and lightly whipped cream

SEK 445/person

Menu 3

Rich chanterelle soup flavoured with Chimay
Fillet of cod with smoked bacon from Grevbäcks Prästgård farm, red wine reduction and truffle purée
Dark chocolate mousse cake with lightly whipped cream and cloudberry preserves

SEK 565/person

Menu 4

Charcuterie from Småland – our favourites
Corn-fed chicken breast with crispy präst cheese, roasted root vegetables and pickled beets
Three kinds of chocolate – white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate panna cotta and chocolate caramel paté

SEK 525/person

Menu 5

Toast Skagen
Planked dish of your choice (nature’s – salmon – pork from Grevbäck – Swedish beef fillet)
Crème brûlée

SEK 645/person