Make things easy for yourself and let us help with the food for your party, with everything from individual dishes to buffets and tapas. Catering must include 8 portions at least and 600 portions at most. Here, you can find a selection of our catering offering.

Allergies? Contact us for more information and we will help you assemble the perfect menu.


All buffets always include a green salad, single-serving tomato and onion salad, and homemade bread and butter.

SEK 325/person

Choose two options:

1. Garlicky potato gratin (warm)
2. Creamy potato salad with dill, chives and parsley
3. Soy sauce roasted carrots with nuts and fried kale
4. Vegetarian Caesar salad with romaine lettuce and Parmesan
5. Pasta salad with mozzarella, tomato and olives
6. Marinated root vegetables with citrus vinaigrette, sunflower seeds and nigella seeds

Choose three dishes:

7. Roasted vegetable patties with pickled red onion
8. Riesling-baked salmon with lemon zest and pickled dill
9. Chicken skewer with Dijon, garlic and Wapnö yoghurt
10. Tarragon and lemon chicken with citrus dressing
11. Lamb patties from Vadets Gård farm filled with präst cheese from Småland
12. Cold-smoked lamb from Vadets Gård farm in Torskinge
13. Slow-cooked prime rib from Gunnarsbo in red wine with parsley and thyme

(Meat/chicken/fish quantities are always a total weight of 180 g per portion, i.e., if you choose 2 varieties, they will be 90 g each, while 3 varieties will be 60 g each)

Choose a pie:

14. Västerbotten cheese pie with pickled fennel
15. Chanterelle pie with red onion marmalade
16. Blue cheese pie with fig
17. Salmon pie with eggs, shrimp and dill

Choose two sauces:

18. Aioli
19. Béarnaise
20. Red wine sauce (warm)
21. Pepper sauce (warm)


Cheese plate:

A delicious cheese plate with crackers and homemade jam | SEK 75/portion


• Lemon cake with Italian meringue | SEK 65
• Cheesecake from Stella in Pilås with jam and lightly whipped cream | SEK 85
• Cheesecake with berries | SEK 55
• Brownie with cream cheese creme, lemon zest and cardamom | SEK 60

Open sandwich:

Minimum number for order: 4 pcs
Deadline for ordering:3 days in advance

Our open sandwiches:
1. Breaded zander with lemon cream and pickled dill | SEK 89
2. Eggs and shrimp with dill mayonnaise | SEK 89
3. Veal patty from Gunnarsbo with red onion marmalade | SEK 56
4. Chicken with apple and fennel | SEK 56
5. Ambrosia red washed-rind cheese with smoked venison and beer chutney | SEK 74
6. Småland präst cheese with mustard cream and
pickled cucumber | SEK 56
7. Egg salad with chives and baked kale | SEK 49
8. Småland baked liver paté with onion rings
and horseradish | SEK 30
9. Egg and anchovy salad flavoured with Ardbeg whisky | SEK 74

Terms and delivery:

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