Lunch of the day

Our lunch is made with primarily local ingredients from our skilled regional farmers, and costs SEK 110.
Lunch is served Monday–Friday between 11:30 am–1:30 pm.

Do you have a large party? Please call us in advance to make a reservation.

In addition to the Daily Special, you can always choose the Weekly, Nature’s, and Favourite.

Week 41


Äppelbakad skinkstek med gräddsås & äppelmos


Köttfärslimpa på färs från Nordskog med svampsås & rårörda lingon


Kycklingfilé med dragonsås & rostad potatis


Soppbuffé! Vi har dukat upp med sallader, goda ostar & desserter

Ärtsoppa med rimmad oxbringa – Cowboysoppa – Blomkålssoppa med tryffel


Schnitzelfredag – Alltid hos oss på Wärdshuset! Välj mellan stekt potatis eller potatissallad. Schnitzeln serveras på gris från lokala gårdar



Ugnsbakad zucchini med tomat & paprikasås samt riven parmesan


Panerad spätta med dansk remoulad


Pasta med filé i trepepparsås

Lunch card

We offer a lunch card: spend SEK 1075 to load the card with a value of SEK 1210. You will then pay only SEK 98 per lunch.

We would like to inform you that certain dishes may be modified or run out for the day.

Please call before your visit to let us know about any allergies or special dietary needs.