The Brewery

Wärdshuset is known among beer and drink connoisseurs far beyond the borders of Sweden. Many drink connoisseurs visit us with the expectation of extraordinary flavour experiences. We love a challenge – and we love digging out well-stored treasures from our storeroom. We identify as beer and whisky nerds ourselves, and we’re keen to immerse ourselves in the flavours of malt and mystical hops. We brew our own beer at the Wärdshus brewery, which you are welcome to visit while you are here, of course. We were actually one of the first small-scale breweries in the country when interest exploded a few years ago. We work with crazy brewers and wonderful enthusiasts, and we’re proud to offer our guests world-class house-brewed beer. But naturally, we also have an impressive beer list with gems from the best Belgian Trappist monasteries, unbelievable Czech pilsners, and small masterpieces from beloved artisanal beer-brewers both near and far. We are constantly hunting for new flavour experiences and over 1,400 varieties of beloved brews pass through our beer refrigerator each year.

Malt, hops, yeast and water

Our brewery is the heart of our business. And you only have the opportunity to taste our delicious beers here, with us: they are only served in our restaurant.

All of our beer varieties are carefully tested and named after someone or something that has meant a lot to us here at Bredaryd’s Wärdshus. You can also peruse our huge selection of beer and whisky from other manufacturers. We always have around 300 varieties of beer and 400 varieties of whisky from which to choose. And we are constantly adding exciting new varieties. In one year, we have around 1,400 different kinds of these masterpieces.

Below you can follow what is in our refrigerators right now!

Vi gillar kakor

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